Booker’s Bluegill Creek Bourbon Review

Booker's Bluegill Creek Bourbon

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B+ I hold tremendous respect for the Beam family and for Booker’s Bourbon, the unfiltered and uncut expression of the Beam Small Batch Collection inaugurated twenty years ago. Booker’s has changed over that time, and now comes in discrete batches. Fred Noe, 7th generation master distiller for Beam, has selected Booker’s Bluegill Creek, the fourth release ...

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Rye Whiskey 101

Norlan Whisky Glass comparison

The Guide To “America’s Original Whiskey” By Richard Thomas Driven in large part by its popularity as a core cocktail spirit in the mixology boom that began a decade ago, rye whiskey has risen from bourbon’s sleepy stepsister into a lively and legitimate sector of American Whiskey. While rye has not yet revived to what it was before Prohibition, it ...

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Double Oaked Bourbon Is A Thing Now

Brown-Forman barrel char

What You Need To Know About Twice, New Barreled Bourbon By Richard Thomas Earlier this year, Jim Beam released their new Double Oak Bourbon, and in doing so made the third major addition to a growing category of bourbon whiskey: twice new barreled. If you like your whiskey to have plenty of wood spices and sweetness without actually being oaky, ...

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Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon Review

Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

Update June 26, 2017 By April Manning Rating: C Jim Beam is the world’s best selling bourbon brand, and they have introduced yet another addition to the family. Master Distiller Fred Noe made an example of being “innovating while also staying true to (Beam) family’s traditions” by presenting Jim Beam Double Oak. Noe is a seventh generation distiller in the ...

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Doing Things The Garrison Brothers Way

Exploring The Definition of Texas Bourbon Terrior With Garrison Brothers Distillery By Father John Rayls Those who venture to Hye, Texas, 50 miles west of Austin, to call upon Garrison Brothers Distillery will come across a Harley Davidson sign and a cross, prominently displayed on the distillery and bottling barn. When I asked about this, Dan Garrison explained the Master ...

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