Evan Williams Black Bourbon Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ It says it right there on the bottle: “Kentucky’s 1st Distiller” and “Since 1783.” Although some legendary figures in bourbon history predate Evan Williams, the Welsh immigrant was the first to set up a commercial distillery, and in what was then the American frontier before Kentucky was a state or the debate on the U.S. ...

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Is There A Case Against Angel’s Envy?

Angel's Envy distillery

By Richard Thomas In July The Whiskey Reviewer started its periodic series studying deceptive whiskey claims by looking at Templeton Rye, a company held in suspicion by many whiskey pundits for its marketing practices. The case against Templeton Rye proved a strong one, but not every claim of deception and dodgy marketing has such sound foundations, a fact the case ...

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Q&A with Paul Hletko of Few Spirits

FEW still

By Richard Thomas American craft whiskey is a big and booming field nowadays, with nearly 500 active distillers and bottlers in operation today. In that crowded field, only a handful of operators enjoy the reputation of Paul Hletko and Few Spirits. As Master Distiller, Hletko has built up a solid reputation around the products of his Evanston, Illinois distillery. In ...

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Kavalan Single Malt Whisky Review

Kavalan Taiwanese Single Malt

By Jake Emen Rating: A- If you haven’t yet branched out into the global range of whisky, beyond Scotland’s salty shores, then Taiwan likely isn’t your first stop. Yet it might be one of your best bets, thanks to the emerging Kavalan Range made via the King Car Group Whisky Distillery. It’s Taiwan’s first whisky distillery, and they’ve been in ...

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Will The Whiskey Boom Turn To Whiskey Collapse?

Bourbon warehouse and barrels

By Richard Thomas The major story in the whiskey news last week was how bourbon production in Kentucky had passed its previous high water mark, set during the 1970s. Kentucky distillers filled more barrels in 2013 than they had since 1970, the previous record year, and inventory of warehoused barrels has just topped five million for the first time since ...

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