The James E. Pepper Distillery and Lexington’s Lost Bourbon Industry

Old Pepper Distillery in Lexington, KY

An Abandoned Distillery Points to Lexington, Kentucky’s Bourbon Heritage By Richard Thomas While growing up in Lexington, I never had even the slightest notion that my hometown had once been a major center of Kentucky’s bourbon industry. In my young mind, Lexington was the center of our family business, the horse business, with bourbon being something they did out in ...

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The Rye Whiskey Craze and Crunch

By Richard Thomas Whiskey of all types has experienced a boom in sales in recent years, and while shortage stories periodically pop up in the media, these vague ruminations are largely unfounded. Unfounded, that is, unless you are talking about rye whiskey. That a rye whiskey craze and crunch is in progress is beyond dispute. Sales of rye whiskey have ...

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The Macallan Defends No-Aging Statement Shift

By Kurt Maitland and Richard Thomas When The Macallan launched their new 1824 Series of single malt scotch, they set off a ruckus in the spirits industry by saying they felt the use of aging statements has made the industry “lazy.” Some whiskey fans, pundits, and spirits industry personalities were quick to pounce on the claim, alleging that The Macallan’s ...

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Whiskey Around the World Rife With Contention Over Age

By Richard Thomas The end of the summer has seen whiskey’s two biggest communities bitterly divided over separate, but equally contentious issues. For bourbon, a simmering dispute broke out into the open when Buffalo Trace announced the results of its controversial small barrel aging experiment in late August. A couple of weeks after Buffalo Trace issued its findings, The Macallan ...

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