Whiskey Reviewer Editor Publishes New Novel

Mother Earth, Bloody Ground

The owner and managing editor of The Whiskey Reviewer published his new novel today, the second volume in the Stonewall Goes West series. As Part Two of the Stonewall Goes West trilogy, Mother Earth, Bloody Ground continues to answer the greatest “what if?” of the Civil War: what if Stonewall Jackson had survived the Battle of Chancellorsville? Through a combination ...

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Jimmy’s Year

Jimmy Russell

Jimmy Russell’s Diamond Anniversary Marks Change and Constancy At Wild Turkey By Richard Thomas The whiskey-soaked TV series Justified is often billed as a show where you can read a man by the bourbon he drinks. In the early seasons, bad-ass, white hat Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens is a Jim Beam man, whereas arch-outlaw Boyd Crowder asks for Wild Turkey. ...

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Close-Up On Hillbilly Stills

Hillbilly Stills

By Richard Thomas The American craft whiskey boom and the widening interest in home distilling has created a demand for stills and other distillation items on a scale that simply did not exist 15 years ago, leaving established copperworks shops such as the famed Vendome of Louisville, Kentucky with waiting lists stretching out more than a year. A crop of ...

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