Bethany Brooke Anderson Talks Bourbon

Bethany Brooke Anderson

By Richard Thomas Since its start as the 15th state, Kentucky has been one of those places that produces noteworthy people entirely out of proportion to its modest population. When it comes to Kentucky’s rising thespians, few are as true-blue or as noteworthy as Bethany Brooke Anderson. A Lexington native and University of Kentucky-trained actor, Anderson has returned to the ...

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April Manning Talks Bourbon

April Manning with Jimmy Russell

Children’s Books Author Opens Up About Her Love Of Wild Turkey By Richard Thomas Authors and whiskey are a widely embraced theme, so much so as to be a cliche, and one we take close interest in here at The Whiskey Reviewer. But what about children’s books authors? Just because one writes for kids doesn’t mean one checks her adult ...

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Q&A With Emily Ross-Johnson of The Astoria Whiskey Society

Emily Ross Johnson, Astoria Whiskey Society

A Casual Chat With The Founder Of One Of New York’s Busiest Whiskey Clubs By Kurt Maitland “It’s pretty simple, every month Astoria whiskey enthusiasts get together to enjoy some fine spirits, good conversation and neighborhood pride in a casual and laid-back environment.” That is the credo of the Astoria Whiskey Society. I’ve run into Emily at many an event ...

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Q&A With John Jeffery of Santa Fe Spirits

John Jeffery

Interview With Craft Distilling Expert And Master Distiller John Jeffery By Richard Thomas Although the American craft distilling boom is still a relatively new phenomenon, it already has some well-established figures, and by that I mean other than Chip Tate. John Jeffery was the head of a university distilling research program before moving over to work at one of the ...

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