Q&A With John Jeffery of Santa Fe Spirits

John Jeffery

Interview With Craft Distilling Expert And Master Distiller John Jeffery By Richard Thomas Although the American craft distilling boom is still a relatively new phenomenon, it already has some well-established figures, and by that I mean other than Chip Tate. John Jeffery was the head of a university distilling research program before moving over to work at one of the ...

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Whiskey Cocktails With Dale DeGroff

George Dickel Rye

By Kurt Maitland Earlier this year, Dale DeGroff aka “King Cocktail”curated a George Dickel Rye and Cocktail Event at Bacchanal¬†in NYC. You know Dale from our interview with him earlier this year as well as his having written some of the best cocktail books in circulation, such as his classic The Craft of the Cocktail and The Essential Cocktail. Dale ...

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Stereo Off Talks Whiskey

Stereo Off

By Richard Thomas As with so many things trendy, New York hosts one of the hottest whiskey scenes in the U.S. Between the liquor companies, stores and bars, it seems every single day hosts not just one, but several tasting events. At the same time, New York remains one of the national centers for indie music. Keeping both things in ...

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Q&A With Spencer Balentine of Silver Trail Distillery

By Richard Thomas In their quest for authenticity most legal moonshiners try to lay claim to some kind of illegal connection, but few come across as authentic as Silver Trail Distillery’s Spencer Balentine. With family roots in Western Kentucky ‘shining,¬†Balentine can talk the talk, so much so that he appeared as “The Legal Guy” in Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners. He walks ...

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