Q&A With Spencer Balentine of Silver Trail Distillery

By Richard Thomas In their quest for authenticity most legal moonshiners try to lay claim to some kind of illegal connection, but few come across as authentic as Silver Trail Distillery’s Spencer Balentine. With family roots in Western Kentucky ‘shining, Balentine can talk the talk, so much so that he appeared as “The Legal Guy” in Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners. He walks ...

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Neal Thompson Talks Whiskey

Neal Thompson

By Richard Thomas One of the things the whiskey boom has brought about is what they are calling “The Golden Age of Whiskey Books.” Books about whiskey and every imaginable intersection with whiskey are coming out just about every week, as we well know here at The Whiskey Reviewer because of how frustrated we are by our inability to read and ...

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Q&A With Jason Barrett of Black Button Distilling

By Richard Thomas When people think of craft whiskey in New York, they tend to think either of the city (Kings County,  Baron Nahimas, etc.) or of something more rural or Upstate (Finger Lakes, etc.). Yet in Rochester, the third-largest city in the Empire State, there is a singular outpost* in New York State’s busy craft whiskey scene, Black Button ...

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Q&A with Paul Hletko of Few Spirits

FEW still

By Richard Thomas American craft whiskey is a big and booming field nowadays, with nearly 500 active distillers and bottlers in operation today. In that crowded field, only a handful of operators enjoy the reputation of Paul Hletko and Few Spirits. As Master Distiller, Hletko has built up a solid reputation around the products of his Evanston, Illinois distillery. In ...

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