Q&A With Paul Fullmer, Dark Corner Distillery

Paul Fullmer

A Brief Chat With Dark Corner’s Executive Distiller By Richard Thomas Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of Greenville, South Carolina, Dark Corner Distillery is building up a reputation, both as a tourist destination and for its whiskey. They bill themselves as making the “World’s Best Moonshine,” a pretty tall title to defend, but the pile of medals the corn whiskey ...

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Q&A With Dr. Jim Beveridge, Johnnie Walker Master Blender

Jim Beveridge in the lab

By Kurt Maitland As the Master Blender for Diageo’s Johnnie Walker, Dr. Jim Beveridge has access to one of the most extensive collections of single malt and grain whiskies on the planet. His creations run from recent Johnnie Walker releases like the Explorers’ Club Collection and his re-imagining of an old classic, Johnnie Walker Double Black, to individual blends that ...

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Patricia Selznick Talks Whiskey

Patricia Selznick

By Kurt Maitland At a recent NYC whiskey event, I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Selznick. Patricia is an actress, producer and whiskey fan, whom you may have seen her in TV commercials or in her indie film Non-Dicktion. Patricia took some time from her busy schedule to talk to us about her career and her love of whiskey. ...

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Q&A With Moiz Ali of Caskers

Moiz Ali

A Chat With The Co-Founder Of The Popular Online Spirits Retailer By Kurt Maitland For those of you who don’t shop for liquor online, Caskers is an internet retailer that delivers whiskey and other spirits to your home, assuming, of course, that your state happens to allow out of state spirit shipments. Based in New York City, the company and ...

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