Mike Loades Talks Whisky

Mike Loades

By Richard Thomas If you enjoy watching documentaries about the Middle Ages or ancient military history, you probably recognize Mike Loades. It follows that someone who presents and provides commentary in such television programs would also be an author (Swords and Swordsmen and The Longbow), but Loades is also a fight choreographer and consultant. His fingerprints are on all manner ...

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Q&A With Dave Sweet, Whisky Live USA and Canada

Whisky Live NYC

By Kurt Maitland Actually Dave’s full and proper list of titles are: David Sweet, President USA and Canada Whisky Live USA, Whiskies & Spirits Conference USA, and Senior Vice President North America Whisky Magazine. With both the Whiskies & Spirits Conference (February 23rd) and Whisky Live NYC (February 24th) hitting New York City this week, I reached out to Dave, ...

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Q&A With Paul Fullmer, Dark Corner Distillery

Paul Fullmer

A Brief Chat With Dark Corner’s Executive Distiller By Richard Thomas Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of Greenville, South Carolina, Dark Corner Distillery is building up a reputation, both as a tourist destination and for its whiskey. They bill themselves as making the “World’s Best Moonshine,” a pretty tall title to defend, but the pile of medals the corn whiskey ...

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Q&A With Dr. Jim Beveridge, Johnnie Walker Master Blender

Jim Beveridge in the lab

By Kurt Maitland As the Master Blender for Diageo’s Johnnie Walker, Dr. Jim Beveridge has access to one of the most extensive collections of single malt and grain whiskies on the planet. His creations run from recent Johnnie Walker releases like the Explorers’ Club Collection and his re-imagining of an old classic, Johnnie Walker Double Black, to individual blends that ...

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