Patricia Selznick Talks Whiskey

Patricia Selznick

By Kurt Maitland At a recent NYC whiskey event, I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Selznick. Patricia is an actress, producer and whiskey fan, whom you may have seen her in TV commercials or in her indie film Non-Dicktion. Patricia took some time from her busy schedule to talk to us about her career and her love of whiskey. ...

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Q&A With Moiz Ali of Caskers

Moiz Ali

A Chat With The Co-Founder Of The Popular Online Spirits Retailer By Kurt Maitland For those of you who don’t shop for liquor online, Caskers is an internet retailer that delivers whiskey and other spirits to your home, assuming, of course, that your state happens to allow out of state spirit shipments. Based in New York City, the company and ...

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Q&A With Brent Elliott Of Four Roses

Master Distiller Brent Elliott

A Chat With Lawrenceburg, Kentucky’s Newest Master Distiller By Richard Thomas The September 1st retirement of Jim Rutledge, Four Roses’ longtime Master Distiller and the architect of the distillery’s comeback from relative obscurity, drew plenty of press coverage, and rightfully so. It was the last day in a full, respected and accomplished career, but sometimes overlooked was that September 1st ...

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Close-Up On Rockypoint Stills

Christopher Kelley

An Interview With Western Kentucky Still-Maker Christopher Kelley By Richard Thomas The “bourbon shortage” gets all the headlines these days, but one of the genuine shortages in the whiskey-making business, or indeed in the larger distilling industry, is in equipment. Since The Whiskey Reviewer’s early days the number of micro-distilleries operating or under construction in the United States has quadrupled, ...

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