White Whiskey: Not For Every Drinker, Nor For Every Distiller

By Jake Emen Depending on who you ask, or what you try, being struck by “White Lightning” — a white, unaged whiskey — can either be a revelatory experience or one you’d sooner wish to forget. As a newcomer to white whiskeys, arguably I’m in a sound place to offer the insight I’ve gained from recently tasting two different white ...

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Let the Maker’s Mark Trutherism Begin!

By Richard Thomas Maker’s Mark’s decision to bow to popular pressure and abandon their plan to respond to supply problems by cutting their whiskey has stirred up as much buzz as the original announcement of a cut from 90 proof to 84 proof (45% to 42% abv). This chatter takes two separate forms. First are the consumers and the internet ...

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Whiskey Stones: Worth the Hype?

Granite Ice in Bourbon

For a more in-depth look at ice vs. stones, please also see our 2012 feature on the subject. By Jake Emen I love the idea of whiskey stones, and I wanted to actually love using them. Which is why I was extra disappointed by my experience with them versus my expectations, and wanted to share that with the other whiskey-heads ...

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If You Don’t Know Whiskey, Don’t Write About It

By Richard Thomas If you are reading this, you are probably a whiskey fan, and if you are a whiskey fan like me, you enjoy seeing articles about whiskey appear in your favorite periodicals. Enjoy them, that is, until it becomes obvious that the author of the article knows next to nothing about whiskey. This is not about small slip-ups ...

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