When Will Pappy Van Winkle Jump The Shark?

Pappy Van Winkles

By Richard Thomas If any premium bourbon brand name has achieved true crossover fame, departing the realm of whiskey enthusiasts and entering popular culture at large, it is Pappy Van Winkle. So great is Pappy’s renown that I am periodically contacted by past acquaintances (in one instance, the last time I saw or spoke to this person was in grade ...

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Brexit and Scotch

Barrels of scotch

What A Post-EU Future Holds For The Scotch Whisky Industry By Richard Thomas Britain’s Scotch industry campaigned hard against Brexit, warning of dire consequences if the referendum vote went against remaining in the EU. Despite this and other strong warnings against an EU departure, the June 2016 vote was a clear victory for Brexit, and Britain’s new Prime Minister, Teresa ...

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How Visiting Heaven Hill Left Me Haunted

Bardstown Heaven Hill bourbon warehouse

Twenty Years After The Fire, You Can Still See Some Scars By Richard Thomas On Monday I found myself between appointments at Willett and the Bardstown Bourbon Company, and nestled right between them is the property of the old Heaven Hill Distillery. Today, it still has active rickhouses, offices,  a major bottling plant, and a visitor center. What it does ...

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