How Heaven Hill Lost My Trust

Elijah Craig Small Batch

By Debbie Shocair The whiskey news is currently packed with carefully considered pining for Elijah Craig 12, now replaced by an NAS bourbon. While I have a certain fascination with the points being discussed, I should make it clear that my first interest lies with what is actually inside the bottle. If a company is producing really fine whiskey, and ...

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Elijah Craig Reportedly Going NAS

Elijah Craigh 12 YO

Updated January 23, 2016 By Richard Thomas The American whiskey blogosphere sparked ablaze late yesterday as word broke that Heaven Hill Distilleries would transition their popular Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon into a no age statement whiskey (NAS), with the new version entering the distribution pipeline as early as today. Reportedly, the stock used to make Elijah Craig will ...

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Why You Should Collect Whiskey Instead Of Wine

Pappy Van Winkles

By Richard Thomas When it comes to booze collecting, nothing really compares to the rituals and trappings of wine collecting. The careful selection of big reds suitable for bottle aging and from a fine vintage; the cosseting of these bottles for years in a properly arranged cellar; the acquisition of a rare, aged bottle and consequent risk that the contents ...

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