Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016 Shocks World. Again.

Whisky Bible 2016

How Murray’s Tome Became More About Courting Controversy Than Highlighting Worthy Whiskeys By Richard Thomas Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016 has been released, and the only thing more reliable for spawning strife in whiskey circles and splaying it onto mainstream headlines is the annual announcement from Buffalo Trace that they are short on stock and continuing to ration it. This ...

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To Be (Chill Filtered) Or Not To Be

Whisky on the rocks

By Father John Rayls With apologies to William Shakespeare, whose side are you on? Passion and drama sells products, and in whiskey nerd circles, the facts really don’t matter so much when passion and drama enter the issue. Just choose a side and argue the points loudly, and if you don’t happen to know the facts, feel free to contribute ...

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Pairing Whiskeys With A Fine Cigar

Cigars and whisky

Whiskeys To Enjoy With A Perdomo Grand Cru By Kurt Maitland As many fans of whiskey love to partake in the occasionally cigar as well, matching a fine cigar to a good whiskey is a popular topic for conversation, seminars and workshops. My own game plan for creating these pairings is to take one cigar and try several options, including ...

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