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Casey’s Barrel Cut Moonshine Review

Casey's Barrel Cut

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- The bread and butter of the Casey Jones Distillery is a 50/50 corn and sugar moonshine, made in the wagon bed still that is traditional to the Western Kentucky region. Unlike most legal moonshines, however, Casey’s Barrel Cut has spent some time maturing in wood. The distillery puts it in a full-sized, 53 gallon ASB, ...

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Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey Review

Yellow Rose Premium American Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Yellow Rose Distilling started out a few years back by following the already tried and true path of the craft whiskeymaker: put out some product at once to build your brand while you get your micro-distillery up and running and your in-house products mature. In the case of Yellow Rose, that meant sourcing certain products, ...

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High West American Prairie Bourbon Review

High West American Prairie

By April Manning Rating D+ David Perkins was a biochemist touring the Maker’s Mark Distillery when he saw the opportunity for a change in careers. Perkins realized there were similarities between his biochemistry work and the fermentation and distilling process. He began distilling in 2007, and the High West Distillery was founded in 2009. In order to get over the ...

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Jameson Signature Reserve Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson Signature Reserve

By Richard Thomas Rating: B One of the expressions left untouched in Jameson’s recent reshuffling of its lineup is what was a travel retail offering, Jameson Signature Reserve. This expression was always a bit of an oddball, and not just because it was a travel retail product, but also for coming in a 1 liter bottle, rather than the expected ...

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