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MB Roland Single Barrel Bourbon Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Located far off the regular pathways of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail are the handful of distilleries of Western Kentucky, the region beyond the Bluegrass and the cave country, where Kentucky becomes riverine. This is where Old Charles Medley can be found, out in Owensboro where they enjoy mutton barbecue, and where moonshining has strong roots ...

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Puni Nova Italian Whisky Review

Puni Nova Italian Whisky

By Richard Thomas Rating: C Nestled into the Alpine foothills of Italy’s South Tyrol, Puni Distillery bills itself as Italy’s first malt whisky-maker. The family-owned and -operated concerned set up shop in 2010, installed Forsyth’s-made mashtun and stills, and began production in 2012. The spirit from those initial production runs were released earlier this year as a pair of young ...

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Auchentoshan 12 Year Old Scotch Review

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Sometimes referred to as “Glasgow’s malt whisky” because of the distillery’s proximity to that city, Auchentoshan is one of the six distilleries comprising the Lowland region. The sweet and delicate signature of the spirit coming off Auchentoshan’s stills has also led some to call it “the breakfast whisky,” and that particular flavor likely stems from ...

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Ballantine’s Hard Fired Scotch Review

Ballantine's Hard Fired

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ With bourbon booming, the idea of pitching Scotch to appeal to either bourbon drinkers or people who might become bourbon drinkers is catching on. Pernod Ricard has already dabbled in this area with its limited release Barrelhound, but now they have gone one further with Ballantine’s Hard Fired. That isn’t what the company itself is ...

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Good Whisky Passport Offers Value, Charity In NYC

By Richard Thomas The idea of pre-paid whiskey bar crawls has become popping up in different cities around the United States, but Good Passport, Booze Menus, In A Half Shell and have taken the idea a full step further with their Good Whiskey Passport. New Yorkers looking to become better acquainted with citywide, whiskey-friendly watering holes can make use ...

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