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Wild Turkey Forgiven Whiskey Review

Wild Turkey Forgiven

By S.D. Peters Rating: B This bourbon/rye hybrid from Jimmy and Eddie Russell first appeared in 2013. It’s success then ensured it’s comeback in October 2014. Originally the result of a “happy accident” in which a small batch bourbon found its way into a batch of high-proof rye, Forgiven appears to have lived-up to its name. The Whiskey Forgiven comes ...

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Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey Review

Writer's Tears Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- The concept of “pot still whiskey” is often misunderstood outside of Ireland, with many thinking it refers to the still itself. Instead, “pot still” is a mashbill style stemming from one of the British crown’s attempts to collect more taxes from the Irish whiskey industry. Reckoning that the best way to collect taxes on whiskey ...

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