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Connemara Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- The classic zinger about Connemara is “So you like this Irish whiskey that is peated, a single malt, and double distilled? So what you are really saying is you like scotch?” As the axiom goes, also a classic, “It’s funny because it’s true.” It’s the peated part in particular that makes it so. Double distillation ...

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SIA Scotch Review

SIA Scotch Whisky

By Richard Thomas Rating: B One of the most interesting aspects about the whiskey boom in the United States is how it is not entirely bourbon-centric, or even bourbon and rye centered. New American entries have come along for all manner of whiskeys, and recently that came to include even scotch whisky. That might seem like a contradiction in terms, ...

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Wyoming Whiskey Bourbon Review

Wyoming Whiskey

Updated July 28, 2017 By Richard Thomas Average Rating: C+ When it comes to America’s booming craft whiskey scene, I often refer to a three-way tussle between Colorado, New York and Texas over which one will become the country’s third whiskey state, after Kentucky and Tennessee. Yet the mushrooming micro-distillery sector is hardly confined to just these three. It’s almost ...

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