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Templeton Rye Whiskey Review

Templeton Rye Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Templeton Rye is a brand under a cloud, the poster figure for the “deceptive whiskey” controversy that ran out of steam last year. This is because the brand was the clearest case of what was essentially a whiskey bottler pretending to be a working, commercial distillery, and selling their sourced product with a smokescreen of ...

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AnCnoc Peter Arkle Scotch Review

AnCnoc Peter Arkle whisky

By Kurt Maitland Rating: B- AnCnoc, meaning “the hill,” is a single malt produced by The Knockdhu distillery, a whisky distillery in Knock, Banffshire that is currently part of the Inver House Distillers Limited stable (who also owns Balblair and Old Pulteney). The distillery shouldn’t be confused with Knockando, and the name “AnCnoc” was chosen, at least in part, to ...

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Casey’s Barrel Cut Moonshine Review

Casey's Barrel Cut

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- The bread and butter of the Casey Jones Distillery is a 50/50 corn and sugar moonshine, made in the wagon bed still that is traditional to the Western Kentucky region. Unlike most legal moonshines, however, Casey’s Barrel Cut has spent some time maturing in wood. The distillery puts it in a full-sized, 53 gallon ASB, ...

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