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Delilah’s Scotch Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Compass Box is fond of its thematic limited releases, often putting the spotlight on some obscure bit of whiskey history. Delilah’s follows that rule, named for the punk rock bar in Chicago that carries 600 whiskeys from 15 different countries. Compass Box’s Delilah’s celebrates the Chicago bar’s 20th anniversary, and was developed by not just ...

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Wemyss Toffee Glaze Single Cask Scotch Review (2013)

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Wemyss Malts’ Toffee Glaze Single Cask is a find from Clynelish, a Highlands distillery in Brora, and one with one of the more twisty stories in Scotland. The original Clynelish opened its doors back in 1819 and closed them in 1968, when Clynelish opened a new facility literally across the road. The original and historic ...

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Masterson’s Barley Whiskey Review

By Jake Emen Rating: C+ Bat Masterson was omnipresent in the American Wild West, playing all the archetypal roles you’d expect – gunslinger and hunter, lawman and gambler. So it’s fitting that his name and face adorns a lineup of several different whiskeys from 35 Maple Street. Despite the company’s Sonoma, California routes, they’re the bottler, and their grain is ...

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