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Johnnie Walker Platinum Scotch Review

By Kurt Maitland Rating: A- Late this summer, Johnnie Walker released their newest expression – The Platinum Label. It’s more than potential replacement to the soon to be departed Green Label. In their lineup it’s a position that is a rung below Johnnie Walker’s classic Blue Label, long considered one of the world’s best blends. The Platinum is an 18 ...

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Sullivans Cove American Oak Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B With whiskey-making spreading so far and wide that even Taiwan has gotten in on the act, that distilleries are making malt whiskey in Australia ought to surprise no one. Yet Australian whiskey-making is hardly new. Down in Tasmania, some outfits have been in the whiskey distilling business for quite a while, such as Sullivans Cove, ...

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Hellyers Road 10 Year Old Original Whiskey Review

By Ben Kelly Rating: B In 1992, Australian federal legislation was relaxed to allow for whiskey distillation (previous legislation was enacted in the 1830s by people with no sense of humor to prevent Aussies from having any fun. Now there are nineteen such distilleries dotted across the Australia, with a good number of those existing in the island state of ...

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