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Wemyss Peat Smoked Herring Single Cask Scotch Review (2014)

Wemyss Malts Peat Smoked Herring

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ The title “Peat Smoked Herring” just conjures a certain flavor, doesn’t it? I mean that notion of Scotch smoke meeting pungent fishiness, well, in my mind it practically screams “I’m going to out-Islay Islay.” This Peat Smoke Herring came from a 2001 Bowmore distillation. Established in 1779, Bowmore is not just one of the oldest ...

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Wemyss Apple Basket Single Cask Scotch Review (2014)

Wemyss Apple Basket

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Apple Basket is a Wemyss Malts single cask release from the Highland distillery of Clynelish, a distillery that has appeared in Wemyss offerings before, such as Toffee Glaze and A Day At The Coast. This particular single cask produced 339 bottles at the customary 46% abv, and came from a 1997 distillate, making it a ...

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