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Hellyers Road 10 Year Old Original Whiskey Review

By Ben Kelly Rating: B In 1992, Australian federal legislation was relaxed to allow for whiskey distillation (previous legislation was enacted in the 1830s by people with no sense of humor to prevent Aussies from having any fun. Now there are nineteen such distilleries dotted across the Australia, with a good number of those existing in the island state of ...

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Compass Box Flaming Heart Scotch Review (2012)

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Flaming Heart is a key limited edition series from those innovative whiskey-makers at Compass Box. Every few years, Compass Box comes into sufficient malt scotch with the appropriate characteristics to make this stuff, and August 2012 saw the 4th bottling in The Flaming Heart Series. Past installments of Flaming Heart brought together Highland malt whiskey ...

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Wemyss Malts Lemon Smoke Single Cask Scotch Review (1996)

By Richard Thomas Rating: A In yesterday’s editorial, I opined that being a whiskey-maker without a still is nothing be ashamed of, and that many companies bring considerable skill and expertise into bringing the best out of what is fundamentally the products of others. When I wrote that, Wemyss Malts was one of the small whiskey-makers I had in mind. ...

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