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Wemyss Lemon Cheesecake Single Grain Scotch Review

Wemyss Lemon Cheesecake Single Grain

By Richard Thomas Rating: B This summer 2014 release of Wemyss single casks stood out from past batches because of two of its bottlings. One was the Loch Indaal Catch, a Bowmore single cask that is Wemyss’s priciest release to date. Second was the Lemon Cheesecake release, an Invergordon that was Wemyss’s first (and to date only) single grain release. ...

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Wemyss At Anchor In A Cove Scotch Review

Wemyss Malts At Anchor In A Cove Single Cask

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ At Anchor In A Cove is a Wemyss Single Cask release from the Campbeltown distillery Glen Scotia, which readers with good memories might recall from last year’s Wemyss Merchant’s Mahogany Chest (which a quick check reveals is still out there for purchase!). Both whiskies have a nautically-themed title, although much more so in the case ...

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