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Passport Scotch Review

Passport Scotch

By Richard Thomas Rating: C- Passport is a familiar sight on supermarket liquor store shelves, especially in Europe and certain South American countries. Being a cheap blended scotch from Pernod Ricard, I have come to think of it as kind of a sub-Chivas Regal. The blend and brand date back to the 1960s. When it comes to cheapo whiskeys of ...

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Barrelhound Scotch Review

Barrelhound Scotch

By Elizabeth Emmons Rating: B+ Updated July 28, 2015 Barrelhound is one of the newest additions to the Chivas Brothers Limited (a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard) portfolio. The brand was released in May 2015, and as of yet there is currently one whisky produced under the name. The name Barrelhound, along with the playful logo of a strapping Scottish terrier ...

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