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Lazy River Bourbon Review

Lazy River Bourbon

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ I was cruising the “bottom-shelf” at a local liquor warehouse when I discovered a nondescript bottle of bourbon listed for under 25 bucks. The bottle appeared generic and the label did nothing to draw any attention, but I had found Lazy River Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey nonetheless. I had never heard of it. Apparently, ...

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Nelson’s Greenbrier White Whiskey Review

Nelson's Greenbrier White Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- These days in America, micro-distilleries with a nostalgic story of a family reviving their whiskey-laden legacy are a dime a dozen. Some of these tales are mere marketing buzz, but some are authentic both in the people and the legacy, and one of the latter is Nelson’s Greenbrier in Tennessee. The historic Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery ...

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Gaur Spice Flavored Whiskey Review

Guar Spice Whiskey

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B The bottling company Spectrum Spirits has released this small batch American “whiskey with natural spice flavors,” and as far as flavored whiskeys go (a category in itself these days), it’s a classy, understated expression that dabbles in subtleties. While most people expect me to abhor flavored whiskies, I enjoy explaining my view of their role ...

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Deanston Virgin Oak Scotch Review

Deanston Virgin Oak

By Kurt Maitland Rating: C+ Deanston Distillery is a located on the banks of the River Teith, eight miles from the historic town of Stirling (yes, that Stirling from Braveheart), and is the largest of the distilleries owned by South Africa’s Distell Group via Burn Stewart, whose properties also include Islay’s Bunnahabhain Distillery and Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of ...

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