Touring Barton 1792

By Richard Thomas Whenever I consider what a tourist can expect from visiting a distillery, most fall into two broad categories. Some live up to the romantic notions of what a distillery should be, with wooden wash backs/fermenters, gleaming copper pot stills beautifully displayed, and barrels stacked in picturesque warehouses. Most, however, are whiskey-making factories, and they look like it ...

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On The Road At Louisville’s Haymarket


By Randall H. Borkus A narrow late 19th Century building at 331 E. Market St in Louisville, Kentucky’s NuLu district hosts the appropriately named Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Part of that is how the bar is a stone’s throw from downtown’s historic Whiskey Row. The other part is the bar being within sight of the almost as historic Haymarket, an outdoor ...

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Buffalo Trace Achieves One Millionth Visitor

Buffalo Trace Distillery welcomed its one millionth cumulative visitor Wednesday. The Distillery has been keeping track of visitation since it first opened for tours in 1999, and recently began actively counting down the visitors in anticipation of reaching the one millionth milestone. Some careful calculations led the team to narrow down which week they would likely host the one millionth ...

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