Best Urban Whiskey Distillery Tours

Teeling Distillery

Top 5 City Distilleries For Tourists Worldwide By Richard Thomas The zeitgeist is blowing for whiskey, and one part of that is whiskey tourism. A generation ago, few distilleries were equipped to offer much in the way of a tourist experience, assuming they offered tours at all. Now those that haven’t undergone extensive renovations to welcome visitors either are or ...

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Best Eat & Drink American Whiskey Bars

Jack Rose in Washington, DC

Where To Go For Fine Food And Finer Whiskey By Richard Thomas For even the most diehard and devoted whiskey enthusiast, actual whiskey travel is the exception rather than the rule. Whether it be due to competing interests, family or necessity, entire vacations spent in Speyside, Islay or the Kentucky Bourbon Trail are far from the norm for most whiskey ...

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Calling Copper On Corsair Distillery, Bowling Green

Clay Smith and Steve Whitledge, Corsair Distillery

The Irish Rover Investigates The Stills Of Corsair’s First Plant By Christopher Kelley Corsair Artisan Distillery is a handcrafting, small batch distillery located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, just a few Interstate exits away from the famous Mammoth Cave National Park. This spelunker cave is one of many in the beautiful Green River Valley system, and the distillery and tasting room ...

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Touring Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey stillhouse

By Richard Thomas Wherever they happen to be found around the world, distilleries come in two broad categories: the pretty ones and the factories. Not everything fits tidily into those two baskets; Buffalo Trace is certainly a factory, but it’s antique character and location on the Kentucky riverfront make it an attractive factory indeed. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky’s Austin Nichols Distiller, aka ...

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