George Remus Biography

George Remus

By Richard Thomas Although not as famous as Al Capone or Dutch Schultz, if you want to know the intimate story of Kentucky whiskey bootlegging, George Remus is the name you need to know. A successful criminal defense attorney from Cincinnati, Ohio, Remus turned to Prohibition era bootlegging when he saw the money to be made there, and in his ...

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Christmas Holidays At The WR

The Whiskey Reviewer prides itself on being the only website both devoted to everything whiskey and that updates with at least one new article every weekday. But even our staff want the Holidays off, so there will be no new articles on December 25 and December 26. Check back with us for new news, reviews, and information about whiskey on ...

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The WR On Hiatus

The Whiskey Reviewer is on hiatus until Monday, September 2nd, when we will resume posting new articles every weekday. In the meantime, check out some of the features articles below, or look for a review using the search tool to the right. American Rye Whiskey: A Primer Bourbon vs. Scotch The James E. Pepper Distillery and Lexington’s Lost Bourbon Industry ...

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Stonewall Goes West Available in Paperback and on Kindle

The Kindle version for Stonewall Goes West, the new novel from Whiskey Reviewer editor R.E. Thomas, is now available on Amazon. In addition to being available for regular purchase, Amazon Prime subscribers can “borrow” the book for free until mid-July. Stonewall Goes West answers the Civil War’s most popular alternate history question, “what if Stonewall Jackson had lived?”, in a ...

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