Reserve Bourbon Candle Review

Bourbon Reserve Candle

By April Manning Rating: A- Reserve Bourbon candles are contained in tumbler like glass that will compliment a home bar, den or man cave. These interesting conversation pieces have a pleasing neutral color that will harmonize with any décor. The first scent impression pre-lighting is of the fresh, clean outdoors. There is a hint of the faint sweetness of vanilla, ...

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Book Review: Water Of Life By Daniel Marchildon

By Richard Thomas Although there are more books being published about whisk(e)y now that ever before, few, if any, fall outside the non-fiction category. Whiskey drinking might figure prominently in modern popular fiction, but unless you count the reality TV series Moonshiners, making whiskey isn’t the main subject of the story. “The distillery novel?” I hear you ask, “What is ...

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Inside Making Bourbon Barrel Furniture


How Kywhiskeybarrelgoods Went From Welding To Barrel Furniture-Making By Richard Thomas The bourbon boom has brought with it more than just sales of bottles filled with amber liquor made by the giants of the whiskey trade, even beyond the burgeoning micro-distillery movement. For example, the micro-distillers have stimulated the emergence of several new still-makers, as well as those engaged in ...

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