Intoxicating New Whiskey Glasses

Norlan Whisky Glass

By Richard Thomas Perhaps because I can date my first interest in good spirits back to a time when double and triple malts might have become a fad and Blanton’s was a new and novel product, I’m of two minds about whiskey glassware. Mindful that in the days of my youth, Kentucky’s master distillers would often call on each other ...

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Book Review: Fire Water

By Richard Thomas Given that one of Corsair Distillery’s principal claims to fame is its Triple Smoke Whiskey, it’s not surprising that one of co-founder Darek Bell’s books on craft whiskey-making would be about smoking it up. In Fire Water, Bell has penned a guide on the methods and materials of smoking grain for making whiskey, and in essence recounts ...

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Christmas Whiskey Gift Sets

Whisky Advent Calendar

By Richard Thomas Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, so now even sensible people can stick their heads up and start looking around for Christmas gifts. With whiskey never having been more popular, it’s a good bet you have a relative, close friend or significant other who wouldn’t mind getting some whiskey for the Holidays. The problem with ...

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Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016 Shocks World. Again.

Whisky Bible 2016

How Murray’s Tome Became More About Courting Controversy Than Highlighting Worthy Whiskeys By Richard Thomas Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016 has been released, and the only thing more reliable for spawning strife in whiskey circles and splaying it onto mainstream headlines is the annual announcement from Buffalo Trace that they are short on stock and continuing to ration it. This ...

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Book Review: Alt Whiskeys

By Richard Thomas America’s two major whiskey states are Kentucky and Tennessee, and only one distillery straddles them: Corsair. With stills in Nashville and Bowling Green, Corsair is a micro-distillery surrounded by the majors. If that weren’t enough of a bold statement, Corsair’s innovative approach to whiskey-making has earned it a place in the forefront of the craft whiskey movement. ...

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