Pairing Whiskeys With A Fine Cigar

Cigars and whisky

Whiskeys To Enjoy With A Perdomo Grand Cru By Kurt Maitland As many fans of whiskey love to partake in the occasionally cigar as well, matching a fine cigar to a good whiskey is a popular topic for conversation, seminars and workshops. My own game plan for creating these pairings is to take one cigar and try several options, including ...

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Book Review: Whiskypedia

By Richard Thomas When it comes to Scotch whisky experts, they don’t come as august or as understated as Charles MacLean. His list of honors and accomplishments is a long one, including being named as a Keeper of the Quaich in 1992 and then elevated to Master of the Quaich in 2009. Most are familiar with him from his playing ...

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Best Gift Ideas For Whiskey Fans

Blue Grass Soysauce from Bourbon Barrel Foods

By Richard Thomas In the U.S. today is known as “Black Friday,” the day after the Thanksgiving holiday that signposts roughly one month remaining before Christmas, and therefore the day that so many Americans begin shopping for Christmas gifts. With whiskey trendier than ever and plenty of new whiskey fans out there, the idea of buying whiskey gifts will undoubtedly ...

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Book Review: Moonshine

By Richard Thomas In what one pundit called “The Golden Age of Whiskey Books,” moonshine has been getting a disproportionate amount of attention. I imagine this is because illicit liquor-making makes for such good non-fiction storytelling, and just maybe the hipster chic that attached itself to moonshine several years ago helps just a bit too. Yet most books on the ...

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Close-Up On Vendome Copper & Brass Works


By Richard Thomas When it comes to making the copper stills so vital to the world whiskey trade, two names stand out in the minds of whiskey fans. One is Forsyths, the Scottish copperworks that is literally a global institution. The other is more of an American classic, since its products often remain in the United States, and that is ...

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