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Whisky With Indian Food Pairings

By Richard Thomas Indian cuisine ranks right behind, or perhaps has parity with, domestic staples such as roasts and the “Full English” in British dining, while one of the fixtures The Raj left in India is a love for a good Scotch (or the locally made equivalent). From a base like that, the notion of pairing curry with whisky seems ...

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Apple Whiskey Cake Recipe

By Richard Thomas This desert recipe is more involved than some of the past examples of whiskey-flavored sweets we have presented here at The Whiskey Reviewer, but the extra elbow grease is certainly well-rewarded. Any type of whiskey can be used, excepting strongly smoky Scotch or bourbon. Ingredients 4 desert apples, such as Cortlands 1/3 cup whiskey 1 3/4 cups ...

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Whisky-Cured Salmon Recipe

By Richard Thomas If you are in need of an interesting, easy to make appetizer for a party (as I was this past weekend), you can’t go far wrong with whisky-cured salmon. All the ingredients should already be in your kitchen and liquor cabinet, and the only real trick to making this dish is to think far enough ahead to ...

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