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Soy Sauce and Whiskey Marinade

By Richard Thomas Two of the constants in my kitchen are looking for new ways to cook with cheap whiskey and, because my wife is very fond of duck, looking for new ways to marinade duck breasts for grilling. I invented this marinade for duck, but I have since applied it to pork and found it works just as well ...

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Apple Crumble With Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Apples are one of the easiest fresh fruits to turn into a tasty desert, and they are also an easy desert fruit to pair with whiskey, two points I’ve already demonstrated with my Bourbon Baked Apples recipe. The next step up the ladder in terms of labor from baked apples is the apple crumble, which is also ...

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Red Whiskey Pork Curry Recipe

By Richard Thomas Malt whiskey, pork and curry is an idea that ought to put a smile on the face of any self-respecting Briton (and more than a few Goans as well). Two ideas define this recipe. One is my belief of long standing that the meat that goes best with whiskey is pork. This is not to say that ...

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Full Sail Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout Review (2013)

Full Sail bourbon barrel stout

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- It’s a good time to be drinking in America, with decades-long interest in craft beers, fine wines, and good spirits spurring small, high-end producers across the country. The days when your choices were “Mass Market Product A,” “Mass Market Product B,” and “Subpar Product #1” are long gone. One way in which these parallel developments ...

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