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Duke’s Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky Review

Duke's Bourbon Jerky

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Once upon a time, dried meat was such a major means of preserving meat that whether the jerky had a truly pleasing flavor or not was immaterial. Nowadays, what makes jerky popular with backpackers and astronauts is that it’s preserved protein that tastes good and relatively unprocessed. Snackers don’t even care about the preserved part, ...

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Whiskey Beef Sauce Recipe

By Richard Thomas This is a quick recipe for whipping up a sauce that will go well with any kind of steak, roast beef, open faced hamburger, or anything else that is beef and you might want such a sauce for. Ingredients Olive Oil 4 to 6 whole button mushrooms Green onions 1 shot of whiskey 250 ml in 8.5 ...

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Bourbon Recipe

Mashed Sweet Potato

By Richard Thomas Sweet potatoes are one of the staples of southern cooking, but somewhere along the line mashed sweet potatoes fell off the standard track. One rarely sees them on the kitchen table or in meat-and-three joints, and more likely than not if you’ve had them, it was in a “new southern” gourmet restaurant. Yet mashed sweet potatoes should ...

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