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Put These Whiskeys On The Table For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving paired with whiskey

By Richard Thomas Last year, I took the traditional pairings approach to producing a Thanksgiving guide, and that approach is still a perfectly valid way to go about serving whiskey with your holiday feast. The thing there, though, is that such an approach is categorical, making recommendations for different stages of the feast: aperitif, pairing with the meal, dessert whiskey, ...

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Bourbon Country Ham Sauce Recipe

By Richard Thomas This November installment of The Whiskey Reviewer‘s cooking with whiskey beat is a big different from what I’ve done in the past. First, I freely admit to never having made this sauce before, so this article is more of a declaration of my intent to make it! My Mom opens every Thanksgiving with small country ham biscuits, ...

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Pumpkin And Bourbon Mousse Recipe

By Richard Thomas Autumn is the season for everything made from pumpkin or seasoned with “pumpkin spices,” and while some people have developed a problem with that, I am not among them. What is more, autumn is also the time when the release calendar and the weather come together to make it whiskey season! What better way to bring those ...

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Bourbon Pork Tamales

By Richard Thomas Bourbon whiskey’s flavor profile is such a marvelous enhancement to so many of the pork dishes in American cuisine, but what about recipes from abroad? Say, south of the border? As we show here, bourbon can add some real kick to classic pork tamales. Ingredients For Filling: 3/4 cup of bourbon whiskey 1/2 cup of salsa 2 ...

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