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Maple & Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Pork in barbecue sauce

By Richard Thomas Bourbon and Southern barbecue just go together. Just ask noted barbecue chef Adam Perry Lang. Here at The Whiskey Reviewer, following the cooking with whiskey beat has led us to trot out a variety of recipes that call for spiking barbecue sauces, classic sides, and suitable desserts with bourbon. Here we return to the subject of sauce, ...

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Brewstilling: Making Beer And Whiskey Under One Roof

Ranger Creek's Still

Craft Whiskey’s Intersection Between Distilling And Brewing By Father John Rayls and Richard Thomas In Ireland and Scotland, a common factoid learned on tours of whiskey distilleries is that in the early stages of production, whiskey and beer are essentially the same thing. Yet despite those common roots in turning malted barley into sugary wort for fermentation, even in Ireland ...

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Homemade Whisky Mustard

By Richard Thomas After sampling a variety of store-bought whisky mustards, I finally decided to try making my own. A lot of those whisky mustards were of the sweet variety, so this one is adapted to make it spicy. Ingredients 1/2 cup yellow mustard seeds 1/2 cup black mustard seeds 1 tbsp cayenne pepper 1bsp salt 2/3 cup cider vinegar ...

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Arby’s Drops “Eat Your Bourbon” Under Legal Pressure

By Richard Thomas Kentucky media reported that Arby’s had agreed to stop using the slogan “Eat Your Bourbon” to market its Bourbon Bacon Sandwich late last week. The Louisville-based Bourbon Barrel Foods filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on Wednesday, May 4th against the fast food chain. Arby’s agreed to cease using the language, trademarked by Bourbon Barrel Foods since 2012, ...

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Bourbon Balls Recipe

By Richard Thomas Bourbon balls are such a classic of bourbon cookery that several bourbon brands have their own. In my Bluegrass born and bred mind, though, Ruth Hunt’s Bourbon Balls will always remain the standard insofar as not just bourbon balls, but store-bought whiskey candies go. That only goes as far as store-bought. For those who like making sweet ...

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