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Cherry Bourbon Hand Pie Recipe

By Richard Thomas Do childhood memories of a Hostess cherry pie leave you with a delightful craving? You can turn that into a delightfully adult treat by making a bourbonized version in your own kitchen. Ingredients For the crust: Flour Water 1 cup Crisco (or other shortening) 1 tsp salt 1 tbls sugar Mix two cups of the flour together ...

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Adam Perry Lang On Whiskey BBQ

Adam Perry Lang

By Richard Thomas Whiskey and barbecue often seem to be made for each other, something already well understood here at The Whiskey Reviewer. Yet even among enthusiasts of both Southern staples, just how close the relationship can be is sometimes missed, but not by urban barbecue pioneer Adam Perry Lang. “Whiskey is liquid barbecue,” says Lang. “The elements you’ll find ...

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Bourbon Pumpkin Bread Recipe

By Richard Thomas Bourbon’s sweet character and vanilla notes make a natural companion for the pumpkin spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, and I’ve already explored bourbon pumpkin pie for this web magazine. Another way to go is bourbon pumpkin bread, although if we were being honest about pumpkin bread it would be better to call it “pumpkin cake.” All ...

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Tennent’s Whisky Oak-Aged Beer Review

Tennent's Whisky Beer

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Although aging beer in old whiskey barrels caught on in the United States at least a decade ago, the idea has been slow to make its way elsewhere. Indeed, over in Scotland they were aging whisky in beer barrels before they were aging beer in whisky barrels, but that is starting to change now. One such ...

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