1792 Small Batch Bourbon Review

1792 Bourbon

By Debbie Shocair Rating: A- I do love happy surprises, and I’m happy to share this one with you! A product of the Barton Distillery (whose parent company, Sazerac, also owns Buffalo Trace), the 1792 Small Batch Bourbon appeared on the shelf of my favorite happy-juice store, with an “Exclusive” exclamation and a price tag that, well, sort of called ...

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Wemyss Sizzling Charcoal Single Cask Scotch Review

Wemyss Bunnahabhain 1997

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- My first crack at the 2016 Single Cask line from Wemyss Malts is a doozy: a Bunnahabhain from a hogshead, distilled in 1997 (bottled 2015). For those of you not hip to the Scotch talk, a hogshead is the origin point for the 53-gallon American standardized bourbon barrel. Hogsheads are slightly larger, and these days ...

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Redemption Barrel Proof 7 Year Old Rye Whiskey Review

Redemption Rye 7 YO Barrel Proof

By S.D. Peters Rating: A+ Redemption is a brand of sourced whiskey, owned by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. According to the company’s website, Redemption Rye is “sourced in Lawrenceville Indiana from the old Seagram’s distillery [MGP], founded in 1847.” No surprise to those familiar with sourced whiskey, as Lawrenceville, Indiana, is the hotbed for it. Redemption’s Fact Sheet is ...

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