Wigle White Rye Whiskey Review

By S.D. Peters Rating: A- PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1795: Local farmer and distiller Philip Vigol (later Wigle) was sentenced to hang for treason. His crime: attacking a tax collector and burning his house. If, like Wigle, you were a whiskey-distilling farmer in Western Pennsylvania, it was no crime, but an act of defiance, the last resort of Pennsylvania’s rye distillers after ...

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The Balvenie Portwood 21 Year Old Scotch Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: A The Whiskey Reviewer hasn’t looked at a single malt from The Balvenie since our launch and initial batch of reviews, when we looked at their starter rung Scotch, The Doublewood. A word is therefore in order about who The Balvenie are, especially since they are so interwoven with Scotch legend William Grant. Mr. Grant had ...

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Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Review

Angel's Envy Cask Strength

By Richard Thomas Rating: A The folks at Angel’s Envy made their first limited edition release quite a doozy, going with a cask strength version of their signature port-finished bourbon. I’ve had a growing interest in portwood-finished whiskey, given how it brings together where I live (Portugal) with my beloved whiskey, going so far as to think of Angel’s Envy ...

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George T. Stagg Bourbon Review (2012)

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Among Buffalo Trace’s more rarefied products, I must admit that George T. Stagg holds a special place in my heart, even more so than Pappy Van Winkle. Some bourbon fans are going to shout “heretic” at me, I’m sure, and maybe even one of the contributors to this website as well, but that’s how I ...

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