Dublin Liberties Oak Devil Irish Whiskey Review

Dublin Oak Devil Irish Whiskey

By Emma Briones Rating: B- In July 2015, Quintessential Brands launched a new Irish whiskey: The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil. The whiskey takes its name from the past of The Liberties area in Dublin, where the company acquired an urban distillery project, then known as the Dublin Whiskey Company. In the 1700s, The Liberties was known as “Hell” due to ...

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Clyde May 9 Year Old Cask Strength Alabama Whiskey

Clyde May 9 Year Old Alabama Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Clyde May’s Alabama Whiskey is a sourced-and-bottled brand released by Conecuh Ridge Distillery, and has a lengthy backstory full of twists and turns. That tale begins with the very real Clyde May, a very real and very prolific post-war era Alabama moonshiner. His fame is pegged both to his consistent, long-term productivity and the quality ...

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Barrell Rye Batch 001 Whiskey Review

Barrell Rye Batch 001

By Richard Thomas Rating:B+ When Barrell Bourbon (or Barrell Craft Spirits, by the company’s lesser known, formal name) introduced a brand extension, it was not drawn from America’s second whiskey, rye. Instead, it was from the broad category of “American Whiskey,” which can mean a number of things. Not going with the popular, fast growing and still relatively open whiskey ...

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