Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 2016 #1 (Infrared) Bourbon Review

Buffalo Trace Infrared Experimentals

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Buffalo Trace often displays the innovative spirit of a craft distillery, but with the budget of the big player they are. These are the people who spent roughly $1 million on their Warehouse X, a laboratory for controlling all the major climatic and setting variables that play in maturation, and keep 5,000 barrels of experimental ...

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Four Kings Malt Whiskey Review

Four Kings American Malt

Updated June 21, 2016 By Richard Thomas Rating:B- The “Four Kings” of craft whiskey—Mississippi River Distilling, FEW Spirits, Journeyman Distillery and Corsair Distilling—have done it again, releasing a new collaboration whiskey. Once again, three of the best known whiskey-making micro-distilleries in the Mid-West plus one from the South have contributed equal portions of whiskey to create a new blend. Following ...

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Woodford Reserve Frosty Four Wood Bourbon Review

Woodford Reserve Frosty Four Wood

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Woodford Reserve has three lines of whiskey: it’s regular releases, including the basic Woodford, Woodford Double Oaked and Woodford Rye; it’s annual Master’s Collection limited editions; and it’s periodic Distillery Series limited editions. The latter is available only at the distillery and a handful of selected Kentucky retailers, but is also where Woodford Master Distiller ...

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Lovell Brothers Sour Mash Whiskey Review

Lovell Brothers Sour Mash Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- As the story goes, Lovell Brothers is the product of a reformed Georgia moonshiner. Founder Carlos Lovell, now well in his 80s, reportedly started in the family ‘shining business at the age of 16. In 2012, Mr. Lovell started Ivy Mountain Distillery, and they have two products out: an aged and an unaged corn whiskey. ...

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