Hartfield & Co. Bourbon Review

Hartfield & Co. Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- The aspect of the American craft distillery boom that amazes me the most is how micro-distilleries have sprung up in Kentucky, right among the big players of the American whiskey industry. Kentucky has a population of just under 4.5 million, and while it is true that many of them love a good pour of whiskey, ...

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Gordon & MacPhail Glen Spey 2004 Scotch Review

Gordon & MacPhail Glen Spey 2004

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Scotland’s tradition of independent bottling offers whisky connoisseurs a variety of choices they wouldn’t ordinarily have were they limited only to the brands owned by the companies that actually owns the distilleries. This is true not only of crafty blenders, such as Compass Box, but also in the realm of single malts. Take this Gordon ...

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