Sneak Peek: Scapa Skiren Scotch Review

Scapa Skiren Single Malt

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Named for Scotland’s famous Scapa Flow that served as Britain’s major naval base through two world wars, Scapa Distillery arguably stands as the most remote in a country known for remote places. Highland Park might be half a mile more northerly than Scapa, but it lies in Kirkwall, the largest town in the Orkneys. Scapa ...

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Twelve Five Rye Whiskey Review

Twelve Five Rye Whiskey

By Kurt Maitland Rating: B Twelve Five Rye Whiskey is made at Iowa’s Cedar Ridge Vineyards and Distillery by the Congenial Spirits Company, an outfit billed as the first licensed distillery in Iowa since the age of Prohibition. This rye is distilled in small batches using a European-engineered, 80-gallon Bavarian copper pot. Twelve Five’s mashbill is comprised of 70% rye, ...

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Fary Lochan Efterar Danish Whisky Review

Fary Lochan Danish Whisky

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Batch 1 of Efterar, or “autumn,” was the original whisky release from Danish distillery Fary Lochan. Reportedly this was aged in quarter-casks (small barrels) for approximately three years, and then received a sherry cask finish for about five months. It was bottled at 48% abv in 50 cl bottles, and is now completely sold out. ...

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The Lost Distillery Company Stratheden Scotch Review

Lost Distilery Stratheden

By Kurt Maitland Rating: B This review demands I cover two histories here, that of the Lost Distillery Company and also the Stratheden Distillery. The Lost Distillery is an independent whisky company whose stated mission is “to create present day expressions of legendary whiskies that belonged to the craft of whisky distilling almost a century ago.” That is an impressive ...

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Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Irish Whiskey Review

Midleton Barry Crockett

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- When Irish Distillers attach the name of their distillery, “Midleton,” to a whiskey, you know they mean business. Midleton Very Rare, for example, is almost the byword in super premium Irish whiskeys, while Midleton Dair Ghaelich is the showcase for the revival of maturation in new Irish oak. It therefore shouldn’t be surprising that when ...

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