Wemyss Lead On MacDuff Single Cask Scotch Review (2014)

Wemyss Malts

By Richard Thomas Rating: B “Lead on, MacDuff!” Although not as popular as some other Shakespearean quotations, this line from MacBeth has still entered the popular lexicon. Yet I would be remiss if I didn’t nod at all the actors and English majors I’ve known through the years if I didn’t pause to point out the source for this Wemyss ...

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Rhetoric Bourbon Review

Rhetoric whiskey

By Kurt Maitland Rating: B+ Rhetoric is the third release in Diageo’s Orphan Barrel series of aged, legacy Kentucky bourbons from the Stitzel-Weller warehouses, and was made at both the New and Old Bernheim distilleries with a 86% corn, 8% barley and 6% rye mashbill. Like Orphan Barrel’s Barterhouse, Rhetoric is a 20-year-old bourbon, and that plus the common origins ...

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