Devil John Moonshine Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Until their bourbon comes out, Lexington’s Barrel House Distillery has only one point of interest for whiskey drinkers: their Devil John Moonshine. Made in the literal barrel house of the old James E. Pepper Distillery, this ‘shine is named for “Devil” John Wright, a.k.a. “Bad” John Wright, one of late 19th Century Appalachia’s more colorful ...

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Teeling Poitin Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B In Ireland, poitin has the same meaning as moonshine in the United States, and just as there are those who say moonshine isn’t exactly whiskey, some say poitin isn’t exactly whiskey either. Despite all that, in the United States a throng of small distillers have gotten into the business of turning out (legal) moonshine and ...

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Wemyss Chocolate Honeycomb Single Cask Scotch Review (2013)

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ As is the norm with Wemyss Malts’ line of limited edition, single cask scotches, the full information on Chocolate Honeycomb’s label is a bit much to swallow in one go. Like the rest of the line, Chocolate Honeycomb is a single cask, single malt scotch, part of a limited edition consisting of 812 bottles. In ...

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