New Zealand Co. Dunedin Double Cask 18 Year Old Whisky Review

Dunedin Double Cask 18

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ New Zealand Whisky Company is presently engaged in bottling the stock from what had been the country’s sole whisky distillery, Willowbank. This rather aged example is a blend drawing on a most unusual cask profile. 70% malt and 30% grain whisky, it was aged in ex-bourbon barrels for six years before being transferred to French ...

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Flaming Pig Black Cask Irish Whiskey Review

Flaming Pig Irish Whiskey

By Emma Briones Rating: C Flaming Pig is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneurs Joey Shore and Flor Prendergast. Under the name of Malone’s Whiskey Co., they’ve launched a whiskey, Flaming Pig Black Cask, and a whiskey liqueur, Flaming Pig Spiced Irish. Flaming Pig Black Cask is a small batch blend of single grain and single malt Irish whiskey aged from ...

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Hirsch 8 Year Old High Rye Bourbon Review

Hirsch 8 Year Old Bourbon

By April Manning Rating: C The Hirsch brand roots extend back to a distillery that is a now both a ruin and a National Historical Landmark in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. “Schaefferstown Distillery,” or Bomberger’s, has roots that run deep and it claims to be the first distillery established in the United States. It operated for more than two centuries in various ...

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