Jack Daniel’s Honey Liqueur Review

Jack Daniel's Honey Liqueur

By Richard Thomas Rating: C- Jack Daniel’s got into the rising tide in flavored whiskey just as the wave was building up steam. This Lynchburg-predigreed honey liqueur was introduced in 2011, yet the flavored whiskey fad didn’t really soar until Fireball’s explosion the next year. The Liqueur As a liqueur, this is basically a honey + whiskey concoction, so the ...

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Fireball Whisky Review

Fireball Whisky

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ Fireball Cinnamon Whisky has received a lot of attention lately as the red hot (pun intended) flavored whisky commodity, gulped down by college kids by the quart and inspiring a legion of imitators. Until 2012, it was an obscure product available mostly in Canada. Yet a little slick marketing and some repositioning in the midst ...

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Glenglassaugh Revival Scotch Review

Glenglassaugh Revival

By Diana Karou Cheang Rating: C+ It is an eccentric thing that I have chosen to nose Glenglassaugh’s first expression released at the engagement of their distillery business at the very last line of three expressions they released mid 2014. At their Revival Tour, guests can see the traditional methods used at distilling, enjoy the fascinating history of the still ...

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Del Bac Clear Mesquite Whiskey Review

Del Bac Clear Mesquite Smoked Whiskey

By Jake Emen Rating: C+ The Whiskey Del Bac lineup from Hamilton Distillers in Tucson, Arizona, is new and offers a family of single malts made in a more or less traditional Scotch fashion. The “more” refers to the authentic floor malting being utilized, while the “less” refers to the usage of mesquite smoking, rather than peat, giving these whiskeys ...

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Bushmills Irish Honey Liqueur Review

Bushmills Irish Honey

By Richard Thomas Rating: C- Bushmills, the storied Northern Irish distillery that Diageo recently traded to the Mexicans, took some of their massive stock a few years back and used it to get into the trendy sector of flavored whiskeys and honey-whiskey liqueurs. Since honey is one of the flavors that can appear in whiskey, especially those based on malted ...

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