Wyoming Whiskey Bourbon Review

Wyoming Whiskey

Updated July 28, 2017 By Richard Thomas Average Rating: C+ When it comes to America’s booming craft whiskey scene, I often refer to a three-way tussle between Colorado, New York and Texas over which one will become the country’s third whiskey state, after Kentucky and Tennessee. Yet the mushrooming micro-distillery sector is hardly confined to just these three. It’s almost ...

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Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey Review

Glendalough Double Barrel

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ Ireland’s Glendalough Distillery follows what is a tried-and-true pattern for craft outfits in America. Since whiskey takes a while to age and hardly anyone wants to wait anywhere from a few to several capital-hungry years before building a brand, Glendalough has resorted to a mix of unaged spirits and sourced whiskeys in the meantime. On ...

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Colorado Gold Straight Bourbon Review

Colorado Gold Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ With it’s booming craft whiskey scene, Colorado is one of those states in contention to become America’s No. 3 whiskey state (after Kentucky and Tennessee), in the running with Texas and New York. Among the Centennial State’s competitive outfits is Colorado Gold Distillery, and they have a corn whiskey, a rye and a bourbon. This ...

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Jack Daniel’s Honey Liqueur Review

Jack Daniel's Honey Liqueur

By Richard Thomas Rating: C- Jack Daniel’s got into the rising tide in flavored whiskey just as the wave was building up steam. This Lynchburg-predigreed honey liqueur was introduced in 2011, yet the flavored whiskey fad didn’t really soar until Fireball’s explosion the next year. The Liqueur As a liqueur, this is basically a honey + whiskey concoction, so the ...

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