1819 Bourbon Whiskey Review

1819 Bourbon

By Randall H. Borkus Rating: F For nearly two centuries, Jacob Bromwell has made a name for itself producing quality American-made drinking vessels, housewares, and men’s accessories. Bromwell’s #1 best-selling item is their copper flasks, so they surveyed their customers and found whiskey to be the juice of choice for the majority of their flasks owners. Upon learning this, they ...

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Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: F Few entries into the whiskey market have ever been as misnamed as Kentucky Gentleman. Certainly Imperial whiskey is anything but, yet the concept of empire is a vague one, meaning different things to different people. The phrase “Kentucky Gentleman” implies a certain Southern genteelness, and frankly, no one possessed with such grace and class would ...

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Imperial American Whiskey Review

By S.D. Peters Rating: F Google “Imperial American Whiskey” and you’ll find some results that include this blurb: “An exceptional American whiskey blended in Bardstown, Kentucky. Only the highest quality whiskies are used, giving it character, body, and a light taste. The tradition and heritage of this fine whiskey can be tasted in each glass.” You’ll also find how the ...

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Mekhong Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: F I encountered Mekhong Whiskey back during my backpacking days. Whiskey of any kind is sometimes hard to come by in Southeast Asia, the pocket bottle of Mekhong was cheap, and the whole point of traveling on a shoestring is to try new things, so I thought “why not?” I walked away disappointed, because Mekhong has ...

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