Whiskey Cocktails

Espinheira Com Uísque

Bourbon and Ginja cocktail

By Julia Ritz Toffoli Two weeks ago I went on a very short, very last minute trip to Lisbon for work. I don’t recommend flying to Europe for just a couple days, but the disadvantages—exhaustion, never really knowing what time it was, a very high plane time to destination time ratio—were overwhelmingly outweighed by the delights that I discovered there! ...

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The Bourbon Berry Bramble

Bourbon Berry Bramble

By Julia Ritz Toffoli One of my favorite childhood memories is going wild berry picking with my grandfather in the south of France. Papie Roger—Grandpa Roger—was a life-long lover of the outdoors, and knew more about edible plants than anyone else I’ve ever met. While my brother and I reveled in the berry-laden bushes—stuffing more blueberries into our mouths than ...

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Camp For Grown Ups

Campfire Old Fashioned

By Julia Ritz Toffoli I never went to summer camp when I was a kid. I occasionally went camping (very rustically, as my dad thought that carving our own cutlery out of sticks, and other such activities quite unnecessary in the modern era, would “build character”), but I never had the classic, crafting, canoeing, capture-the-flagging, whispering-secrets-to-your-bunkmate after lights out, overnight ...

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Red, White Pike and Blue

4th of July White Pike cocktail

By Julia Ritz Toffoli For year-round whiskey drinkers, the summer tends to pose a bit of a challenge. We want to keep drinking whiskey, but our winter favorites—like Manhattans and Old Fashioneds—don’t complement the heat very well, and stirred drinks are bit labor intensive if you’re making batches of cocktails for a BBQ or summer fête. With the Fourth of ...

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Homemade Cinnamon Whiskey

By Richard Thomas The boozy liquid candy known as Fireball Cinnamon Whisky has taken America by storm, and spawned a gaggle of imitators. Maybe that popularity has left you curious about what the fuss is all about, but at the same time the way your fellow whiskey-drinking friends scoff at Fireball as the thing only sorority girls drink deters you ...

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