Whiskey Cocktails

Take A Whiskey And Call Me In The Morning

Scotch Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy As A Cold Remedy By Richard Thomas For many in the Northern Hemisphere, February and March combine that unpleasant mixture of cold and wet, weather conditions that drag down the body and almost guarantee catching a cold. That makes this the time to start making hot toddies, both as a preventative measure and as a curative. Known ...

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Whiskey Cocktails With Dale DeGroff

George Dickel Rye

By Kurt Maitland Earlier this year, Dale DeGroff aka “King Cocktail”curated a George Dickel Rye and Cocktail Event at Bacchanal¬†in NYC. You know Dale from our interview with him earlier this year as well as his having written some of the best cocktail books in circulation, such as his classic The Craft of the Cocktail and The Essential Cocktail. Dale ...

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More Summertime Corn Whiskey Drinks

Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey

By Richard Thomas One benefit to come from the plethora of micro-distilleries that have popped up all over America is a revival of interest in old fashioned corn whiskey. The snobs might sneer at this unaged whiskey with an mashbill that is 4/5s-plus corn, but down in the sweltering South the stuff has enjoyed a nice reputation for almost as ...

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The Bourbon Cocktail Classics

A pitcher of mint juleps, ready to serve

By Richard Thomas It’s now mid-summer, and for most of us that means weather that isn’t exactly hospitable to whiskey-drinking, especially if you aren’t nestled into an air conditioned cocoon. For a lot of whiskey drinkers, myself included, a lingering, warm finish takes all the pleasure out of a dram when the climate is already inducing a sweat. What is ...

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Green Temptation Cocktail Recipe

DYC cherry whiskey cocktail

By Richard Thomas If you have a bottle of cherry-infused whiskey laying around, such as Jim Beam Red Stag, and don’t know what to do with it, I have a suggestion from DYC in Spain: the Green Temptation. Like a lot of my mixing recipes, this one doesn’t require anything you aren’t likely to have around the house in the ...

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