Whiskey Cocktails

Green Temptation Cocktail Recipe

DYC cherry whiskey cocktail

By Richard Thomas If you have a bottle of cherry-infused whiskey laying around, such as Jim Beam Red Stag, and don’t know what to do with it, I have a suggestion from DYC in Spain: the Green Temptation. Like a lot of my mixing recipes, this one doesn’t require anything you aren’t likely to have around the house in the ...

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The Maple Bourbon Sour

By Richard Thomas If you like the new maple bourbons and smile at the adage “when life hands you lemons, make whiskey sours,” then the virtue of this drink ought to become obvious. In fact, if you actually have any maple bourbon on hand then making this simple summer cocktail becomes even easier. Ingredients 1 shot (1/5 oz or 50 ...

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Q&A With Dale DeGroff

Dale DeGrof

By Kurt Maitland When talking about the modern mixology movement, few men qualify as a “founding father” style figure more than Dale DeGroff. Also known as “King Cocktail,” DeGroff started laying the groundwork for the modern trend in the 1980s. His standing is cemented not only by being the author or co-author of three cocktail books, his own line of ...

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Passion for the Red Whiskey Cocktail

By Richard Thomas Fruit-infused whiskeys like Bird Dog are as much a fixture on the whiskey scene now as fruit-infusion was with vodka a decade and a half ago, and just as with vodka, many of those fruit infusions were meant not for straight drinking, but for use in cocktails. A big favorite among the whiskey infusions is the cherry ...

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