Whiskey Cocktails

Hot Toddies With Other Whiskeys

By Richard Thomas The Hot Toddy is one of the oldest and most traditional medicinal whiskey cocktails, the classic remedy for chasing away winter’s cold chills. The lemons give you vitamin C for health, the honey soothes, and the whiskey numbs. The traditional Hot Toddy is a Scotch drink, although some variations exist. A spin on the Hot Toddy from ...

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Scotch Hot Toddy

By Richard Thomas Seeing as how it’s mid-winter, what could be more appropriate than a look at the classic hot whiskey cocktail, the Hot Toddy? A traditional drink in Scotland and northern England, the Hot Toddy has been around for centuries, and is sometimes thought of as a cold and flu symptom reliever, making it one of the oldest twists ...

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The Keeneland Breeze Cocktail

By Richard Thomas My visit to My Old Kentucky Home this October saw me there at just the right time to catch the races at Keeneland for the first time in almost 20 years. I wasn’t there for just any race, either, as Saturday the 13th was the Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup, with a purse of $400,000. A race ...

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