Whiskey Cocktails

Brass Buck Cocktail Recipe

By Richard Thomas As I’ve observed many times before, living in a hot climate without refrigeration-scale air conditioning pretty much scuppers the consumption of neat whiskey. As a Kentucky boy, the way I solved that problem for many years was by making mint juleps, but that is a major investment of time and effort, however rewarding. The next step was ...

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Bourbon, Jack, Rum and Coke

Bourbon and Coke

Which Liquor Mixes Best with Coke? By Richard Thomas The recipe is a classic—one part liquor, three parts Coca Cola—and requires nothing more than the two ingredients, ice, and a tall glass to mix them in. The complication comes in with what whiskey to put into that mix, with as many or more whiskey-based variations on the list of highballs ...

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Harry Collins Cocktail Recipe

By Richard Thomas Whiskey is a tricky spirit for cocktails, because so many whiskeys have a smoky aspect that doesn’t exactly blend well with tonic water, lemon juice and other mixology fixtures. The Sandy or Jock Collins is an example. Because it takes the basic Tom Collins recipe and simply exchanges scotch for gin, coming up with a palatable cocktail ...

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