Whiskey Reviews

Brenne Single Malt French Whiskey Review

By S.D. Peters Rating: A From Cognac, France, by way of an  inspired collaboration between whiskey importer and blogger Allison Patel and “a 3rd generation Cognac distiller,” comes this unique single malt. Brenne French Single Malt is a new venture – Allison’s first expression, Estate Cask, was released in late 2012 – and, being French whiskey (read: a rarity in ...

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Concannon Irish Whiskey Review

By Jake Emen Rating: C+ Concannon is an Irish whiskey of the sort you likely haven’t tried before – produced by an American vineyard, Concannon Vineyard, which is based in Livermore, California. Concannon vineyard has strong Irish ties, though, as the first successful American winery founded by an Irish immigrant, James Concannon, who came over stateside in 1865. Four generations ...

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