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Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Rye Whiskey Review

Russell's Reserve Rye

Updated March 14, 2017 By S.D. Peters Average Rating: B From the Austin, Nichols Company Distillery (i.e. Wild Turkey) comes this 6 year old small batch Straight Rye. Bearing the surname of the it’s creators, Austin, Nichols’ Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie, Russell’s Reserve Rye is a welcome addition to the growing number of small batch Ryes ...

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Death’s Door White Whiskey Review

By S.D. Peters Rating: B- Death’s Door White Whiskey: is this whiskey fit for consuming in a death rattle? Or will it put start the rattle? The well-worn tales of blinding raw moonshine do come to mind. Let’s face it, there’s a particular base of consumers (mostly male, I’ll wager) who’ll read a challenge into this name, which might well ...

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Dewar’s White Label Scotch Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ John Dewar created his whiskey brand in 1849, but the current version of its main and mass market label has a pedigree stretching back to 1899. That is when the company’s first Master Blender, A.J. Cameron, concocted what would become Dewar’s White Label Scotch. When you consider that Johnnie Walker Red’s immediate precursor, Special Old ...

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Hudson (Tuthilltown) Baby Bourbon Review

Tuthilltown Baby Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: C Updated August 2, 2016 Tuthilltown Spirits was one of the earlier entrants into the craft whiskey scene, and taking advantage of a location that is near enough to New York City and some savvy marketing, they soon pushed to the forefront of that nascent movement. The micro-distillery’s brand, Hudson, was bought by William Grant & ...

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