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Compass Box Oak Cross Scotch Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ The Whiskey Reviewer first explored Compass Box’s interest in high quality French oak when we reviewed their acclaimed scotch, The Spice Tree. The Oak Cross scotch is another expression of that French oak connection. One of the innovations at Compass Box was the notion that French oak had more applications than just aging French wine. ...

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Penderyn Sherrywood Single Malt Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ The Sherrywood Single Malt is the third expression of Penderyn’s regular line of Welsh whiskey. Like the distillery’s Madeira Finish whiskey and many Sherry-finished whiskeys, the Sherrywood uses a two-cask maturation method. In keeping with Penderyn’s practice, aging starts in used bourbon barrels, mostly coming from Buffalo Trace and Evan Williams. Then the whiskey goes ...

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Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon Review

Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ For their latest and fourth addition to the Colonel E.H. Taylor collection of specialty bourbons, Buffalo Trace chose to focus on producing a cask strength bourbon. The idea of a cask strength or barrel proof whiskey invariably appeals to my love of the old fashioned. While cutting bourbon with water is a very old practice, ...

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Compass Box Great King Street Scotch Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ The artisanal micro-distillery Compass Box set out to make its Great King Street scotch,¬†named for the company’s Edinburgh address, with a simple mission in mind. In Compass Box’s opinion, blended scotch gets a bad rap because the market is flooded with cheap, poorly made blends. At The Whiskey Reviewer, we partially agree with that sentiment. ...

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