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Wemyss Nuts About Pears Single Cask Scotch Review (2016)

Nuts About Pears!

By Richard Thomas Rating: B This third and last look at the Wemyss Midsummer Single Cask 2016 release is a 1991 vintage Blair Athol whisky, bottled in 2015. So, it’s a 24 year old single malt, aged in an ex-bourbon barrel. Some describe Blair Athol as among Scotland’s oldest distilleries, pointing to a foundation in 1798. However, that distillery was ...

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Teeling Single Barrel Carcavelos Finish Irish Whiskey Review

Teeling Single Barrel Malt Whiskey

By Kurt Maitland Rating: B The Teeling family has a long history in Irish Whiskey. Walter Teeling was the first to get into the Dublin whiskey business, by starting a distillery in 1782. The Cooley Distillery (home of Kilbeggan, Greenore, Connemara, the Tyrconnell, and 2 Gingers) was founded by John Teeling in 1987, when he converted an old potato alcohol ...

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Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

By Randall H. Borkus Rating: A As one might expect from a whiskey named for the father of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is an excellent example bottled-in-bond Kentucky juice. Colonel Taylor was a grand nephew of General Zachary Taylor, America’s first military hero of the Mexican War (1846-47).  His reputation was memorialized and stamped ...

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Booker’s “Toogie’s Invitation” Bourbon Review

Booker's Toogie's Invitation

By Father John Rayls Rating: A+ Booker’s “Toogie’s Invitation” should be placed immediately on your bourbon bucket list. In my opinion, this expression has somehow encapsulated the exact aromas, flavor and finish needed for the perfect bourbon experience. I would almost (almost!) be willing to forgo all other bourbons just to have a continual supply of this elixir on my ...

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