Whiskey Reviews

Jameson Cooper’s Croze Irish Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Thus far, the only expression from Jameson’s new The Whiskey Maker’s trilogy available in the United States is Cooper’s Croze. I can speculate to the reasons why this expression crossed the Atlantic first. For starters, Cooper’s Croze is New Midleton Master Cooper Ger Buckley’s whiskey, highlighting the wood influence on the flavor of the whiskey. ...

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Jameson Blender’s Dog Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson Blender's Dog

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Jameson’s The Whiskey Masters is designed to highlight the contributions of three key members of the New Midleton Distillery leadership team: Ger Buckley, the Master Cooper; Brian Nation, the Master Distiller; and Billy Leighton, the Master Blender. Blender’s Dog is the middle entry in the range, and the way Leighton jokingly tells it, in more ...

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Redbreast Lustau Irish Whiskey Review

Redbreast Lustau

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Just as Jameson is priming the pump of the Irish whiskey resurgence (Jameson accounts for 78% of all Irish whiskey sales in the U.S.), stablemate Redbreast is carrying the standard for the revival of single pot still whiskey. Within that category, sherry cask aged whiskeys play a key role. Stock drawn from sherry butts are ...

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