American Malt

Battle Cry American Malt Whiskey Review

Sons of Liberty Battle Cry American Malt

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Battle Cry is one of the beer-inspired American Malts coming from Rhode Island brewstillery Sons of Liberty. It’s billed as a single malt, but it’s a bit more interesting than that. Technically, a single malt is 100% malted barley and made at a single distillery. Battle Cry doesn’t quite qualify because it used a little ...

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New Wintertime Whiskeys To Look For

Jim Beam Distiller's Cut

By Richard Thomas Winter is usually a fairly sleepy time for new whisk(e)y releases. After all, it’s the autumn that is the time of year bursting at the seams with hot ticket items. Once Christmas rolls around, things quiet down. That may seem a bit counter-intuitive though, since winter weather is pretty much synonymous with winter-warmer, whiskey-drinking weather. Thankfully, “fairly ...

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Uprising American Single Malt Whiskey Review

Uprising American Malt

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Rhode Island craft “brewstillery” (distillery + brewery) Sons of Liberty started by making American malts, and only then got into brewing. The connection is a simple one to make for anyone who understands how beer and whiskey are made, because at a certain stage malt whiskey is beer. Sons of Liberty developed a stout recipe, ...

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Sons of Liberty Uprising Stout Ale Review

Uprising Stout Ale

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Sons of Liberty Distillery is found in Rhode Island, and in 2016 they joined the growing ranks of the brewstilleries (brewery + distillery). This combination makes sense in that beer and whiskey share common production roots. If you can make one, you can make the other with a little extra equipment. Many craft distilleries have ...

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Iowa’s Cedar Ridge Gets Tax Incentives, Plans Expansion

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery, one of the top whiskey-makers in Iowa, will begin expansions to their plant over the next 18 to 36 months. Located in Swisher, they intend to spend approximately $2 million on expansions to the stillhouse and their production capacity and to construct a new warehouse. The state of Iowa as supported this plan by awarding ...

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